Arhiva lunii martie 2013

The Lan experience

Since i’m not a progamer and i don’t live in the capital city, Bucharest, i haven’t participated in many offline events (held mostly there) and i played mainly from home, especially since there were a lot of online cups to choose from everyday, like CraftCup, Playhem, GameCreeds, Zotac, ESL Go4SC and so on. Still, i decided to go to Arena Cyber League’s Season Finals, that hosted many games, including Starcraft 2 for the first time, a lan held 500 km away from my location.
Now keep in mind i went there for fun and for the experience of it, as i know my limitations and what expectations i can have from the time i have allocated to laddering and training. Still, even for a hardened progamer, waking up in the middle of the night and spending hours on the road to reach the lan destination can’t possibly be easy. Also, since i lacked offline experience, i had some trouble with my settings, so here is my advice to fellow gamers that attend similar events for the first time, no matter their game:

Bring your own keyboard, mouse and mousepad (i did that), even if they are low-tech, cheap ones, they are the ones that you are familiar with. A 5$ mouse that you play with everyday is better than a 6k dpi one that will fly out of your hand 🙂 Check the settings of the computer you play on, both in windows and ingame, other players change it for their own play style, so be sure to go over everything (mouse sensitivity, shortkeys, gameplay options etc). For example in my first games i had a problem that i couldn’t identify on the spot: the monitor i played on was smaller than my own, but the mouse settings have remained the same, so while the cursor was set to work great with my widescreen, on a smaller resolution it jumped more pixels than i intended. On a side note, my first game was against Romania’s second best player, Deathangel, so i would have lost anyway, this isn’t an excuse in no way.


Pro gaming in Romania

Romania, the land of choice, as one tourism spot advertised it…

But is it also the land of choice for progaming? Even today, sadly, gaming is regarded as „a waste of time” or something suitable for children, and by any means, not something you should do as a full time job. Esports in Romania is more popular in the Counterstrike, Fifa, Dota areas, with Starcraft lagging behind. Despite some other new promising emerging talents, the international community knows this country by it’s top 2 players, Nightend and Deathangel and by the Team NRS, who even recruits foreign players.

Still, in a country of over 20 million inhabitants, this is but a drop in an ocean. There have been a few attempts to develop a strong Starcraft 2 community here and a few leagues and contests organised by PGL, Pet, ACL, but still, we light years behind the korean progaming scene. Yes, there is the fault of a society that lived decades under communism, a doctrine that has corrupted the minds of the people beyond repair (some of them still vote the communists parties that go by different names today), but there is also the matter of the players and their commitment. I have seen the lack of seriousness of some in regard to the cups they were entered in, that led eventually to their exclusion or abandonment. I have seen rage, insults and a general lack of maturity both on forums and ingame coming from pro and wannabe pro players, an attitude that only comes to support the general bias that gaming is for spoiled kids and can never be compared to a real sport.

My oppinion is that players that start early (in highschool for example) when they have the time and there is little pressure and responsability about having a job and providing for a family, have the best chance to make it big. Winning in international cups and tourneys will give them the boost to go forward and if they are good and maintain a solid work discipline can be recruited by foreign teams.

So, do you have what it takes?

Here is a little something to motivate you:

Romania, stai laic? Oare?

LÁIC, -Ă, laici, -e, adj. (Adesea substantivat) Care este din afara religiei și a tagmei bisericești, specific acestui domeniu; mirenesc, lumesc. ♦ Fig. (Fam.) Care nu cunoaște, nu este inițiat într-un anumit domeniu. [] – Din fr. laïque, lat. laicus.

Prin definitie, Romania, care in teorie nu are religie de stat, este deci un stat laic. Exista totusi o zicala romaneasca „teoria ca teoria, dar practica ne omoara”, iar tara nu face exceptie. Acum, in secolul 21, cand ne numaram in top 10 al tarilor cu cel mai rapid internet, cand avem libertatea de a cauta, cerceta, citi, analiza dovezi etc sustinem cu totii (fie ca vrem sau nu) o organizatie parazitara, anume BOR. Nu o sa fac referire la restul cultelor, pentru ca procentul lor este insignifiant in comparativ cu aceasta corporatie hulpava.

Este inadmisibil ca statul sa alimenteze vrajitorii si basme care nu au nici un fundament real, in detrimentul altor activitati.


Vorbim aici de bani publici, nu de cotizatia pe care o plateste cineva benevol (sau din frica de a evita discutiile intre vecini) bisericii la care este arondat, bani care ar putea fi folositi pentru a incuraja cercetarea, a suplimenta bugetul sanatatii sau educatiei, pentru un proiect de infrastructura etc. In schimb banii se duc la doamne-doamne, sau mai exact la zecile de mii de slujitori ai sai. Astfel, popalaii ajung sa reprezinte o categorie privilegiata de bugetari, care pe langa pomana primita de la stat, isi rotunjesc binisor veniturile prin cotizatia incasata de la cei din parohie, donatii si bineinteles behaiala de la nunti, botezuri, acatiste etc. Sa nu mai pomenesc de afacerile detinute de BOR sau de popalai, iar unele beneficiaza si de scutiri de impozite, spatiul a fost concesionat etc.

Cine doreste sa „se lase prada neputintei si sa numeasca neputinta dumnezeu” (Asimov) e liber sa o faca, dar sa o faca pe banii lui, nu pe ai statului! A fi popalau sau adept, e o optiune proprie, nu o meserie care ar trebui finantata de la bugetul de stat, cel putin nu intr-o societate civilizata si laica. Cine vrea sa creada si sa asculte lalaieli si schelaituri cu siguranta ar trebui sa plateasca din buzunarul propriu show-ul oferit de popalai. Noi restul am prefera in schimb spitale dotate ca in occident, unde doctorii nu iau spaga pentru ca au un salariu decent, sau poate niste centre de cercetare care vor atrage straini si vor crea locuri de munca si servicii conexe, autostrazi mai lungi de 40km, scoli in loc de biserici si lista poate continua…