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eSports, Idra, rage and mentality

I dind’t want to write about this subject, as it was discussed over and over again on many Starcraft 2 forums and not only. Also, i don’t care about Idra that much, as i have never been a fan of his BM and constant QQ about balance and what not. Not to mention i don’t rage in my games and i only BM idiots who start BM-ing me in the first place so that kind of behaviour isn’t something i can relate to (even if i lose to cheese or some kind of game imbalance) or understand.

Unfortunately, his spoiled brat actions and other similar ones made by other players, pro or not, ruin the reputation that eSports is trying to build. This article was triggered by a post on another forum, where because of this, constant ladder rage and kids crying all over about imbalance, one race or the other, it was said eSports will never be REAL sports, as it is reserved mostly for immature children, whereas in a real sporting competition you would never see all this indiscipline, BM and so on…

Now, this is wrong, on so many levels!

First of all, eSports is a serious thing, with strict regulations and should not be confussed with player’s own streams and with the ladder system, who are the equivalent of a let’s say a schoolyard football game. Now, by the actions, skill and language of some boys playing football can you judge the Champions League or the World Cup competition? It’s the same here, ladder is accesible to all, and that is something that makes eSports so popular, the fact that you can actually play the starts you see in the big tournaments either on ladder (granted you have a good enough MMR) or in various online cups. That doesn’t mean that all these fans act in a mature, polite way towards their oppoents, but for their credit, they haven’t up to this point killed anyone for their favourite game, and sadly that cannot be said about other more popular “traditional” sports.

It also a well known fact that high level cheaters are banned for life from the big competitions, who have very strict rules. Also, don’t forget that Naniwa lost his code S seed for his infamous probe rush vs Nestea, as it was considered a lack of respect towards all the viewers who expected to see these 2 battle it out, even if the game didn’t have any stake left. Also, when he participated in the GSL, MLG, or other tourneys, not even Idra dared do more than rage quit without a gg. His swearing and BM is reserved for stream and ladder games.

Also, considering in eSports, especially in Starcraft players need to use their brains, adapt to changes, devise strategies and not only relly on repetition and hand speed, i will gladly watch games like these vs your average sports, where mostly physical atributes reign, perfected by constant mindless practice. And i won’t even bring up gymnastics here, where children are robbed of their childhood in order to bring glory to their country and their parents. I am yet to see a child tortured in order to become a succesfull progamer…

My post on the Blizzard forums regarding maphacks and the GM league

As it is known, the GM league should reunite the top 200 players of each region and getting there should always be a hard trip, and the reward something only a skilled competitor should get and wear with pride.

I am not talking here about people having multiple accounts and smurfs in the GM league, if they put that much time and effort for each account, then by all means, they should have it.

It is about people that cheat, mostly by using maphacks, along with production tab cheats or/and automation programs and who got to be Grandmasters, robbing this opportunity to others more deserving and messing up the ranking of others. For example, when you lose vs another GM, you lose 24 points, and only win 2 or 4 vs others. By cheating game after game, one of these sad persons has managed to get rank no 1 in GM WOL EU server, but there are others in there, that i have played myself and have evidence against.

I won’t link it here, as ironically i might get banned for defamation 100 times sooner then them for hacking ingame, but whoever is interested can check it out at the Team Liquid thread created to report cheaters

Until today, another site,, ran as well and did analysis of the replays uploaded on TL, posting the results in a very professional manner, with all the evidence in case of cheat usage. Still, this was a personal project, ran on voluntary basis and wasn’t sponsored by Blizzard, not to mention the fact that even if proven guilty there, hackers can only be banned by Blizz.

I have reported them ingame as well, along with the evidence of their missconduct, but still they are allowed to roam free and wreck havoc on ladder… I have always believed maphacks are isolated incidents, and most reports come from people mad they lost a game to a superior adversary, and have never reported anyone for this since the start of the game, but suddently, in one week i found out 3 cheaters, playing at a high level.

And these are only the dumbest ones, that do it blatantly (for example not scouting at all the whole game, just blindly defending pushes, having the right composition, looking at bases and armies in the fog of war etc) and i am 100% sure there are many more who cheat, but they are way more subtle about it. Blizzard shouldn’t rely on the players alone spotting them, there should be a system in place, that can detect third party programs such as automation macros and maphacks, but until then, at least the reports should be looked after and at least the GM players of each region should be checked more thoroughly, as they must consist of only top skilled players, not sad individuals who need to cheat in order to get a win.

I’m not saying cheating in the lower leagues is less important, a hacker should be banned regardless of placement in my oppinion, but a bronze or gold maphacker has less impact on the ladder and can usually be outmacroed and beaten even with his cheats, not to mention that the play there is more chaotic and you can expect a player to try to proxy 2 gate you on a 4 player map, with no scouting 🙂 Still, when that happens in high masters/GM you can’t say it’s just a lucky guess or bad play…

So please, do something about this, as i see no point playing a game that will turn into WC3 or Diablo 2 at it’s finest duping days, and where i need to check my replays each time i lost, to see if it was a legit game.

GG= Gosu Generalul Grandmaster for the first time

Screenshot2013-05-08 12_07_50

Well, it’s only in WOL for now, but i’ll try in the future to get it in HOTS as well. It was easier to get Grandmaster in Starcraft: Wings Of Liberty than in the last seasons, but sadly a lot of players use maphacks, and some are even high GM now. Why Blizzard doesn’t take action is beyond me, especially since the Grandmaster League should only represent the top players of each region, not some platinum noobs who can use a cheat program. Anyway, since at the moment i am the only random GM in WOL, and i got there by playing ONLY random, it does feel good indeed!

Screenshot2013-05-08 12_09_18

God i love that gold outline, makes me look like a fucking saint, Jesus got nothing on me nabz!

Screenshot2013-05-09 08_59_54

So, don’t dispair if you are nubz, i was a noob too (well, i still am :P), i never played Starcraft 2 beta, i mostly played BGH in Starcraft 1, i am quite old for your average progamer (29 this year), my pc sucks, i don’t have as much time to play as i would want, and even when i do manage to find some, my 6 cats make sure my gameplay won’t go unhindered 🙂 So yeah, you can be a Grandmaster as well, just play, have fun, and don’t forget to GG!

Maphacking in Starcraft 2

Until recently i always thought maphacking is very rare in Starcraft as, Blizzard protects their games and have no problem in doing massive ban waves (5000 accounts soon after the release of WOL). The problem is they have gone soft, and due to that, i faced 2 cheaters in 2 days, and this are only the dumb ones that were to blatant. I became aware of this after one opponent openend forge expansion vs me, WITHOUT scouting, considering i play random, and this time i got zerg. After this he doesnt scout AT ALL but prepares for my roach allin with 5 cannons and setryes.

But hey, convince yourselves here:

After this i became suspicios of players blind countering me, and soon after i ran into this retard:

The problem is that i have lost games before in the past, but i never blamed it on my opponents cheating, and i assumed my failures. Some were legit, as they have scouted me and reacted properly or just outmacroed me, but i am 100% sure that many other games were lost to frustrated kids like this, with no skill that use maphacks. Still, these aren’t even the most dangerous ones, as they are too dumb to hide it properly, but the ones that do know a bit of Starcraft and are less obvious in their cheating.

Maphacking is also more prevalent in Starcraft WOL than it is in HOTS, as the first game is cheaper to buy in case they do eventually get banned. So, a friendly advice, check your games again, look at the opponent vision, and how he moves his camera. If you see him looking at your base or army in the fog of war, or blindly countering a push he hasn’t scouted, then please, report him and upload your replay in the dedicated section of Team Liquid

or at

Also, don’t get mad, the fact that they hack means they are already losers, no matter the result of your game. Yes, it is even more fun when they lose despite their cheating, but even if you do, think what sad little fucks they are if they need to resort to this to win. Most probably they have a very small dick and felf esteem and this is the only way they can feel some achievment in their pathetic lives. 😛

I will update here more replays of the retard maphackers i meet: