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Generalul streaming 1v1 Starcraft 2 games

As i said, i have begun recently to stream my ladder games, 1v1 and 2v2’s alike and also provide commentary in english or romanian. It’s been 3 weeks since i started and it’s been great. I’ve had some very nice games, there was cheese as well, some macro games also for those who preffer them, manners and rage, BM and maphackers, all you could expect from playing in masters.

So, if you don’t want to miss Starcraft 2 random master 1v1 and 2v2 action, please press the follow button on my stream channel:

Watch live video from generalul on

Most of my games are also uploaded to youtube, where you can also subscribe to my channel, Generalul1
There you can find my very own first vids, from the time i was playing the MMORPG 9 Dragons 😛

Also, if you know friends interested in Starcraft or E-sports please direct them to me. Like Jesus said: let the viewers come to me 😛

There is a sample of what you get to see on my stream, this was taken today in a Random vs Terran game, where i spawned as protoss and managed to execute an excellent harassment:

Starcraft makes us smarter

Well, it’s not only Starcraft, but computer games in general. Actually i had to do some reasearch about this when i wrote my bachelor’s degree and yes, it appears i haven’t lost thousands an thousands of hours hor nothing until now, video games do help you in a variety of ways. But hey, don’t take just my word for it:

And ofcourse, you can find many more refferences to this, so when your parents, your girlfriend/wife or even your boss tells you you’re wasting time, please do show them this evidence!

Now, more than many other games, Starcraft is a complex strategy that requires not only good hand-eye coordination, as your average shooter or car racing game, but great tactical analysis, decision making, the ability to think in deepth, the same as in a chees game where you can make some sacrifices having in mind the bigger picture. Starcraft 2 manages to create a balance between 3 completely different races with various play mechanics and strategies, leaving it to the player to choose a play that suits him best and still having an incredible durable gameplay.

So, if you want to be smarter, just play!

Sanatate in Romania (1): la analize

Prin 2006-2010 am avut o firma de taxi iar atat ca sofer cat si pentru postul de coordonator transporturi erai obligat sa iei avizul medical anual. Totul ok, transporti persoane, ai o obligatie, nu am avut nimic impotriva. Problema era ca pierdeai practic 7-8 ore!!! in timp ce te plimbai cu alti colegi de suferinta prin spitalul de stat acreditat sa desfasoare aceasta umilinta in cadrul legal. Asta se intampla dupa ce veneai dimineata la prima ora, nemancat… Multe din analizele de atunci nu aveau nici o relevanta, se faceau raze pentru TBC si se lua sange doar pentru a verifica daca ai sifilis, nici vorba de alte date mai importante, cum ar fi nivelul de calciu sau fier din sange…

In al doilea sau al treilea an in care a trebuit sa trec prin procedura asta cretina (care mai si costa ceva bineinteles) am nimerit peste un asistent tanar, care nu imi gasea nicicum vena. Pana atunci nu am mai avut probleme, mereu am fost oripilat de ace/sange & stuff, dar nu mi s-a facut niciodata rau, insa in clipa aceea am fost cel mai aproape de un lesin. Cand l-am vazut pe ala cum se fastacea si imi tot schimba garoul de pe o mana pe alta (e drept, nu mi se vad chiar asa bine venele, insa alte asistente s-au descurcat fara probleme) am inceput sa transpir si sa respir intr-un ritm din ce in ce mai accelerat. Ca sa-mi fac cumva curaj i-am zis ceva de genul: “Luati odata acolo!” La care tipul indignat: “Pai daca iti sparg o vena sa vezi cum sare sangele din tine!” In momentul ala m-am inmuiat tot si se pare ca m-am albit la fata din moment ce s-a speriat si asistentul care mi-a adus apa, m-a pus pe un pat etc.


L-am asigurat ca sunt sanatos, ca nu o sa fie nici o problema cu analizele, sa bifeze acolo ca sunt ok si gata… Era clar ca si el vroia sa scape de treaba asta la fel ca si mine, insa se plimba dintr-o parte in alta si repeta: “Dar e nevoie de sange acolo la dosar, trebuie sa am” S-a oprit la un moment dat si s-a uitat spre alt tip din cabinet, un sofer de tir de vreo 2 m si 130kg, caruia ii luase deja proba: “Nu vrei sa mai dai o seringa pentru domnu’?” Individul s-a conformat fara probleme si din moment ce am primit avizul, se vede ca a fost si sanatos 😛 Traiasca solidaritatea intre soferi!

Ca fapt divers, i-am zis dupa ce am iesit din cabinet, ca dupa ce termina cu restul examinarilor ii dau cata bere vrea pentru a-si recupera lichidul vital, insa matahala a zis pe un ton grav ca nu bea niciodata (ori ceva probleme personale, ori interdicitii religioase, nu mai stiu exact) 🙂

Oare pe cand vedem si la noi asa ceva?

Hello world!

Cu “Hello world!” incepe primul post al fiecarui blog de pe wordpress, inainte de a fi editat. Asa, ca, “Salut, lume!” cum s-ar spune pe meleagurile noastre 🙂 Aici se va vorbi liber despre orice, vor fi de toate ca sa zicem asa, insa anumite subiecte sunt abordate mai in detaliu pe celelalte site-uri ale mele, specializate pe un anumit domeniu:

Primul site de caricaturi/portrete/picturi la comanda din Romania, toate desenele sunt realizate 100% manual, fara ajutorul programelor de grafica, iar plata se face doar daca sunteti multumit de calitatea lucrarii. Pentru mai multe detalii precum si exemple de lucrari, va rugam sa ne vizitati!

Lansat in urma succesului Comanda Caricaturi site-ul afiseaza sute de alte lucrari realizate pentru clienti de-a lungul timpului.

Ofera mai multe detalii despre tehnica de lucru a artistilor Comanda Caricaturi si despre munca lor de zi cu zi.

Trateaza abuzurile sistemului bancar din Romania, in special cele ale Bancpost, cea mai amendata dintre bancile romanesti.

Picturi si desene, accentul fiind pus pe tablourile pictate de Alin Bogatean, o stea in plina ascensiune.

Site dedicat jocului de strategie Starcraft 2, E-sports si jucatorului de nivel master/grandmaster 1v1 random, Generalul

O oaza a luminii si ratiunii intr-o lume dominata de primitivism si extremism religios.


Another day, another maphacker

As the title says, another day, another maphacker in Starcraft 2… Ofcourse there are many others who cheat in a not so open manner like these idiots, and those are the most dangerous, as you will never know what hit you and they won’t be banned at all! Unfortunately for them, these noobs here played against me and Micky in a 2v2 while i was live streaming:

Thread on TL for maphackers:

Pretty obvious stuff i might say:

They didn’t scout the entire game vs 2 random players, and from the vod you can see other obvious signs: moving void to ninja expand just as it’s completed (11:50), not having a single unit at the central watchtower but moving in to take it just as we are going there as well (12:18), moving pheonixes to intercept a doom drop that wasn’t scouted at all (14:57) and then coming back to lift a mine near the same location (15:25) not to mention his pheonixes “mirraculously” avoided all the mines i had placed in strategic spots.

So, if you meet these retards on ladder, please check your replays for suspicious actvity and IF they used it again, report them, maybe in a few months (thanks again for the promtitude Blizz) they will get banned and their mommies will have to buy them a new game…

Again about maphack and NRS

A few days ago i happened to see on the dreaded Team Liquid thread, about the GM/master hackers that the owner of the only Romanian Progaming Team, NRS (NewRoSoft), Andrei Gireada Egomancer or [NrS]LionHeart was accused of maphacking by several other players.
Maphacking is a serious offence for any player, but for someone involved in esports, especially the head of a progaming team this is 10 times worse. Since i have some experience with both the game and maphacking, i decided to check for myself the replays submited by the accusers:

First part of the stream covers some maphackers i met in the past

And the second part is dedicated to LionHearts case, where I analyzed 3 of the replays and this is was the conclusion:

I have said it and i will say it again, i have nothing to do with NRS, i have no problem with the team or it’s members, on the contrary, i would love to see Esports grow in Romania, but having the owner of the single professional team cheat in that manner doesn’t help things at all… Not to mention that he made matters worse, and instead of manning up and admiting, he started accusing others of maphacking and being BM towards any critics. Ofcourse that is not the way to go, and even if Blizzard didn’t ban him for now, TeamLiquid staff sure did. There should be 0 tolerance towards this behaviour, as this can only damage Esports and it’s credibility.

More about this subject can be found on yet another dedicated thread, here:

Generalul live streaming 1v1 starcraft 2 ladder games

Finally the great day has arrived, armed with a new pc i have begun streaming my starcraft 2 ladder games at

Watch live video from generalul on

So if you want to see a master random 1v1 player in action, don’t forget to follow my channel in order to get notified the second i come online. Alternatively you can check out the vods posted on the “videos” section of the channel or the ones uploaded to youtube generalul1

Any observations, suggestions, requests and so on are welcomed 😛