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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, my new addiction

I know, i know, i really must play some Starcraft 2 as well, but ever since i’ve received closed beta acces in december (now it’s open for all, so you might as well give it a try if you hadn’t already) i couldn’t stop playing this great CCG (card collectible game) as i found out this genre is called.

I never played Magic: The gathering but i know what it was and what it did for the genre, only i didn’t have time to try it at that time. Now i’ve heard people say Hearthstone is a simplified version of MTG, as it was Blizzard’s purpose to make they game more popular and accesible for a wide range of gamers. So, don’t let the name fool you, i never played World of Warcraft either and that isn’t a requirment for understanding and enjoying Hearthstone.

So, long story short, you choose a hero from the 9 available ones and using cards (that can bring minions into play or spells) you must reduce your opponent’s health to 0. The basics are really simple to learn, and the 30 minute – 1 hour tutorial games will give an understanding of the mechanics involved and the strategy at large. Ofcourse, the finner aspects of the game will be learned over time, as you get to know all the heroes, their special abilities and both the class-specific and neutral cards. The same as in Starcraft 2, the system will try to match you with equal skill opponents, whom you can play either on ladder or in unranked “casual” games and, in my favourite game mode, THE ARENA 😛

Yes, the game is free to play, and as long as you dedicate enough time to it, you will have the same benefits as the other players who use real money in order to purchase card packs or pay for an arena. The arena game mode is the thing that makes Hearthstone a great game, as it lets you choose a totally random deck of cards each time and you play vs other players who also select 30 cards from random ones. So, yeah, it’s about luck as well, but mainly skill, as you have to make the best of what you got and try to outwit your opponent. The Arena is a lot more fun in my opinion than the “constructed” mode you play on ladder, as here you can have more than 2 cards of the same type, have acces to cards you haven’t unlocked yet and because of the great succeses and failures that come with this game mode. Here are some of my plays:

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Despre mass-media, slugi si stapani (1) USL, Antena 3

Dupa cum spuneam cu alta ocazie, am ajuns in Cluj-Napoca pentru prima data in 2003, cand m-am inscris la actualul FSPAC, fostul STPOL, in cadrul sectiei de Jurnalism. Imi placea mult sa scriu, imi place si acum, insa nu stiam ca daca doresc sa-mi dezvolt aceste abilitati, nu facusem tocmai alegerea potrivita, dupa cum arata si episodul povestit aici.

Am reusit prin anul 3 de facultate sa “imi vad visul cu ochii”, anume sa lucrez in presa “adevarata”, sa vad articole (unele chiar de prima pagina) publicate sub semnatura mea, asta dupa ce in anul precedent scrisesem la Carusel, o revista studenteasca cu adevarat independenta, aparuta datorita eforturilor si dedicatiei altor studenti care s-au remarcat apoi in profesia aceasta, un exemplu care imi vine acum in minte fiind Camelia Jula. Farmecul a durat putin, iar cu toate ca nu as putea fi considerat naiv, nu ma asteptam sa descopar sistemul cu adevarat jegos care opereaza in spatele unei bune parti a mediei. Povestea trustului “Gazeta”, a lui Liviu Man, Aurel Muresan, Memoranda Onac (actualmente Solomon) si a altora, cu alta ocazie, pentru ca sunt destul de multe de zis.

Fastforward in viitor, cand in 2012, propaganda online pro-USL atinsese cota maxima. Ma trezeam racolat in grupuri de Facebook care il laudau pe Victor Viorel Ponta sau pe amicul sau coleric Crin Antonescu, strutocamila socialist-liberala numita USL sau doar atacau PDL-ul si pe Traian Basescu pentru fapte reale sau imaginare. Evident, nu era dorinta mea sa ajung in asemenea companie, insa imediat ce paraseam un grup, eram invitat imediat in alte 10, iar din pacate Facebook nu are optiunea de a te intreba daca vrei sa nu sa te alaturi acestora. Am inceput deci sa le postez materiale educative, de genul:

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Gaming in 2014

Happy new year guys and thanks for following Generalul!

What will 2014 bring? Well, for once since i had a lot of work at i didn’t have much time to play Starcraft 2 in December, and when i did, i experienced another new game from Blizz, Hearthstone. Here is an example of a noob me, playing with the help of a more experienced player, Outlaw (mainly Romanian cast):

And i’ve also taken an interest in Dota 2, where i’ll soon stream some of the games there.

Still, Starcraft 2 isn’t out of the picture, and i will find the time to rape those pesky noobs on the ladder and in some online cups, playing random as usuall 😛

Until then:


La multi ani!

La multi ani si un an nou mai bun pentru toata lumea, din toate punctele de vedere!


Primul post pe 2014 este unul scurt, menit sa-mi reaminteasca sa ma ocup mai mult de site-urile si blog-urile aflate sub aripa proprie:

Pana una alta, Inorogul Roz si Invizibil va recomanda sa nu mai hraniti popii si sa participati la actiuni de genul “Spitale, nu catedrale!”