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Generalul… fighting :P

In another post i was telling about Cluj Battle Sessions, where i participated at the Starcraft 2 competition and was very close to winning the finals 😛 Well, there had been a few more editions after that one, where i played other games, not having that much time for Starcraft, partly cause of the games in question, Hearthstone and Dota 2. Anyway, i made it to the semi’s at the HS tournaments, that had more players than the SC ones. Everyone can play Hearthstone, it’s not that “hard” as Starcraft in some regards, even my fiance plays it, but not everyone can truly understand the game and all the decision making involved in creating a deck and then using it.

The last event was part of the “Nationl Battle Sessions” and was the first time when i competed in 2 games, Dota 2 (another newfound passion of mine) and Hearthstone. It was also the first time ESC hosted Dota 2 as a featured game, and while i did enjoy playing it from time to time with some friends, we were not a formed team, and most times only 2 or 3 of us were on. We barely managed to form a 5 man squad, including a guy who was also searching for a team in order to participate. The 5 of us managed to play together for 2-3 games max, but we hoped our competitors weren’t pro either. On location we were confrunted with some technical problems, as our pc’s lacked the appropriate video drivers, net connections hadn’t been made and so on, the delay taking hours. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of stuff happens most of the time, and the fact the members of ESC are all voluntiers makes it kind of hard to be upset by these problems. By the time we got to play, our pc’s were still not optimised, so we had to run Dota with the minimum possible specs, not like we were used to at home. Still, what happened next in our bo3 match against our opponents is something i don’t think it can be hosted on twich, as it’s policies forbid the upload of rape scenes 😛

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