Again about maphack and NRS

A few days ago i happened to see on the dreaded Team Liquid thread, about the GM/master hackers that the owner of the only Romanian Progaming Team, NRS (NewRoSoft), Andrei Gireada Egomancer or [NrS]LionHeart was accused of maphacking by several other players.
Maphacking is a serious offence for any player, but for someone involved in esports, especially the head of a progaming team this is 10 times worse. Since i have some experience with both the game and maphacking, i decided to check for myself the replays submited by the accusers:

First part of the stream covers some maphackers i met in the past

And the second part is dedicated to LionHearts case, where I analyzed 3 of the replays and this is was the conclusion:

I have said it and i will say it again, i have nothing to do with NRS, i have no problem with the team or it’s members, on the contrary, i would love to see Esports grow in Romania, but having the owner of the single professional team cheat in that manner doesn’t help things at all… Not to mention that he made matters worse, and instead of manning up and admiting, he started accusing others of maphacking and being BM towards any critics. Ofcourse that is not the way to go, and even if Blizzard didn’t ban him for now, TeamLiquid staff sure did. There should be 0 tolerance towards this behaviour, as this can only damage Esports and it’s credibility.

More about this subject can be found on yet another dedicated thread, here:

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