Another day, another maphacker

As the title says, another day, another maphacker in Starcraft 2… Ofcourse there are many others who cheat in a not so open manner like these idiots, and those are the most dangerous, as you will never know what hit you and they won’t be banned at all! Unfortunately for them, these noobs here played against me and Micky in a 2v2 while i was live streaming:

Thread on TL for maphackers:

Pretty obvious stuff i might say:

They didn’t scout the entire game vs 2 random players, and from the vod you can see other obvious signs: moving void to ninja expand just as it’s completed (11:50), not having a single unit at the central watchtower but moving in to take it just as we are going there as well (12:18), moving pheonixes to intercept a doom drop that wasn’t scouted at all (14:57) and then coming back to lift a mine near the same location (15:25) not to mention his pheonixes „mirraculously” avoided all the mines i had placed in strategic spots.

So, if you meet these retards on ladder, please check your replays for suspicious actvity and IF they used it again, report them, maybe in a few months (thanks again for the promtitude Blizz) they will get banned and their mommies will have to buy them a new game…

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