Barcraft in Romania

For those of you wondering what is „barcraft”, i think the urban dictionary describes it best:

Originally spawned from a post in the reddit sub-community r/starcraft (user o_Oskar) as well as a post on TeamLiquid by primadog. Barcraft is the term for the new movement of showing professional Starcraft 2 matches in bars. This phenomenon popped up in the spring of 2011 in the US, with the start of the NASL. The first barcraft event was held at Chao Bistro in Seattle. There have subsequently been barcraft events in most major US cities as well as abroad in countries such as Canada and the UK. The Starcraft 2 events that are covered are typically MLG, GSL, NASL, or IPL. With its new found popularity bar owners have also started showing other games such as Marvel vs. Capcom, League of Legends, Heros of Newerth and Dota 2.

In Romania there have been few barcrafts, but as of late, the movement is growing. To keep track of the following events, you can see these pages:

Here are some photos from the EU WCS Finals barcraft held in Cluj, at Old Sheperd’s Pub, that Generalul and his beloved fiancee attended 😛

775171_397726727008237_1586496211_o 976248_397726460341597_1630256052_o 976671_397725773674999_2070811149_o

What can be more fun that watching amazing Starcraft 2 action, drinking a beer or a negus in my case (the classic romanian „vin fiert”) and talking with other players/fans of this game?

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