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Starcraft: Legacy of the Void tournaments

I heard some time ago about the implementation of tournaments in Legacy of the Void, but i only got to play them recently, and the verdict is i just love them! They offer a brand new challange, except from ladder, and remind me of all those great moments while i played CraftCup, Playhem, Zotac, ESL and other online cups. Now, having this system integrated in the game, things are much simpler, you don’t need to try to add your opponent, report the result, upload screenshots or replays and so on.

Tournament mode, explained here:

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_18_06

So yeah, even if the game is still in the beta, this feature is already working just great, and i can tell you this after playing in 3 automated tournaments. Ofcourse, i would expect they would implement it as a custom game mode, and every online competition will be played that way in the future, they could add rewards for winning, make the option to play in bigger tournaments and so on.

Even though i played only a few games in LOTV, i managed to beat some grandmaster in my first tournament, and i even got to win the third one 🙂 Ah, and playing random, as always ^^

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_17_16

Generalul on EU ladder, Starcraft 2

As i said, i’m working my way back to the top, and ocassionally i play some team games as well, where i even made it to top 15 global 2v2 :))

Here is a sample of my laddering activity, a game that started with a cannon rush and developed into a long drawn out macro game with a split map situation 😛

And who thinks team games are a cheese fest, take a look at this 57 minute baby:

See you on ladder, nubz ^^

Generalul, reloaded!

After a long pause, exploring other games, getting better at Hearthstone and a lot of non-gaming work, Generalul tooks up arms again and returns to pawn some noobs on the Starcraft 2 ladder! I never had a high apm, but after all this time, i found i was having trouble with the game’s mechanics. Still, you don’t get to be top 25 world 1v1 random for nothing, and it all started to come back to me. Some things remain the same, some change, but you have to do your best and as you play more and more, you will improve. As you all know, i love rushes and allinish strats, but the map pool often forces long drawn-out macro games.

Back to diamond, the first step in the road for total random world dominance ^^

So, if you meet Generalul on ladder, please, give him your tears noobs 😛

Generalul… fighting :P

In another post i was telling about Cluj Battle Sessions, where i participated at the Starcraft 2 competition and was very close to winning the finals 😛 Well, there had been a few more editions after that one, where i played other games, not having that much time for Starcraft, partly cause of the games in question, Hearthstone and Dota 2. Anyway, i made it to the semi’s at the HS tournaments, that had more players than the SC ones. Everyone can play Hearthstone, it’s not that „hard” as Starcraft in some regards, even my fiance plays it, but not everyone can truly understand the game and all the decision making involved in creating a deck and then using it.

The last event was part of the „Nationl Battle Sessions” and was the first time when i competed in 2 games, Dota 2 (another newfound passion of mine) and Hearthstone. It was also the first time ESC hosted Dota 2 as a featured game, and while i did enjoy playing it from time to time with some friends, we were not a formed team, and most times only 2 or 3 of us were on. We barely managed to form a 5 man squad, including a guy who was also searching for a team in order to participate. The 5 of us managed to play together for 2-3 games max, but we hoped our competitors weren’t pro either. On location we were confrunted with some technical problems, as our pc’s lacked the appropriate video drivers, net connections hadn’t been made and so on, the delay taking hours. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of stuff happens most of the time, and the fact the members of ESC are all voluntiers makes it kind of hard to be upset by these problems. By the time we got to play, our pc’s were still not optimised, so we had to run Dota with the minimum possible specs, not like we were used to at home. Still, what happened next in our bo3 match against our opponents is something i don’t think it can be hosted on twich, as it’s policies forbid the upload of rape scenes 😛


Cluj Battle Sessions

As i’ve said, i came back to Starcraft 2 in order to prepare for the LAN, „Cluj Battle Sessions„, organised by E-sports Cluj A few months of Hearthstone have put their mark on my apm (not that it was great before), not to mention the new map pool makes it increasingly difficult to play my consecrated allins 😛


The event spanned over 3 days, as it hosted cosplay, board games and a LOL championship as well. You know, that Dota 2 version for kids ^^ The first day i had to play 2 bo3’s, the first one being against one of the organizers, a diamond zerg. In the past, when i played high masters and even some low GM’s, that would have been an easy game. Since this season i am diamond as well (and it’s a lot harded to get to masters if you start playing mid-season) and i had become rusty, the games were not so ez anymore, more so since i played random as always 😛 The first game i got toss, and i just built up an OP deathball and i killed the zerg, who rellied heavilly on muta’s. The second one i played terran and i managed to block his hatch-first with an engineering bay, making him allin me with banelings. A testament to my below average play was the fact that even if i knew that was coming and i had prepared a defence, i barely held it off, after all my army was killed and i evacuated to the high ground.

The next bo3 was indeed easy, as i played against another zerg, but this time a silver one 😛 Still, i feared he might be a smurf and the games lasted a lot longer than they should have 🙂

The semifinals were another matter, as i faced yet ANOTHER zerg, this time a high diamond, who responded to my cannon rush at his natural with a nydus in my base, and even if that didn’t end the game and i continued to resist valiantly at my natural, while doing a zealot runby in his main, i eventually lost it. The second game was a knife fight zvz, with him dealing devastating damage with a very fast baneling push. At one moment of the game i had only 5 drones left, the only thing working in my favour being my completed natural and 2 spines i managed to place there. What followed was an intense base trade situation, with his burrow-roaches trying to kill all my buildings before my 1-1 speedlings did the same. I managed to win, and comeback from a shamefull 0-2 loss. In the final game i did what i know best and i cannon rushed the hell out of him, at his nat and at his third. His nydus didn’t work again, and Generalul got to the finals 😛

This time i faced a master protoss, that already belonged to a clan and knew his way with the mouse. The final was a BO5, and the first game, a pvp, had me make a terrible decision by attacking into a third nexus, guarded by immortals and colossi from a not so favorable position. After losing that engagement, i played from behind and i was quickly put down by his OP deathball 😛 Next i got terran and i did something i wished i got the chance to do, my dear 1-1-1 strat, with the mine drop variation. The battle at his natural was fierce, but i managed to win in the end and tie up the score. Next i got zerg, and i became a victim of a toss timing push, just as my third was up and running and i was producing updraged hydras & other zerg shit. The 4th game was a back and forth pvp ending in my victory only because i hallucinated 3-4 colossi and his army lacked an observer, thus keeping my real units alive. WOW! 2-2 and the final match was upon us! I’ll be really honest and say i didn’t expect this, and by all means, i’m sure as hell not the false modest guy 😛 I got terran again, and this time i went for the 1-1-1 with the cloack banshee variation, betting (correctly) on the fact that he will expect a mine drop and place static defences at his bases. My banshee managed to get 11 kills and fly away safely, and by that time i even had a supply advantage. I could have won this game too, but this time he reacted very well to my allin push and split his army outside of his natural. My micro betrayed me as i didn’t save my tanks and i couldn’t get the much needed edge against the defending forces from then on. It was a very nice run though, and when/if the games will be available i will upload them here as well.

I had a really great time at the Lan, with a bit of luck i managed to get to the finals and also win some goodies and in the future i want to see more of these events and maybe play some Hearthstone as well 😛


More pictures from the Cluj Battle Sessions event can be found here:

Coming back to Starcraft

Beware noobs, GENERALUL is back!


It’s been a few months since i played Starcraft 2, as i had a lot to work at my „baby” company Comanda Caricaturi all my gaming time being dedicated to Hearthstone. Last week i found out about a Lan in my home city, Cluj-Napoca, and even if i am rusty i couldn’t pass out this event. I mean i did go to another Lan Cup in Bucharest last year, 600 km away, so by all means, i’ll go to this one even if i am raped by goldies in my current state 😛 So, coming back to this game after this pause has been difficult indeed, i didn’t knew the new ladder maps and my apm has fallen bellow 100, but to be honest that was never my strong point.

After a loss streak (some games were terrible cheeses that i couldn’t hold, the kind i would have never lost to in 2013) i started to gain ground and even win some long macro games. I had forgotten the rage that Starcraft spawns in many players, as some of them kept crying about me not telling my race, then about my race being OP (whatever that was), about my strat and so on. Then there were even ones that after seeing my profile and realising they beat an ex GM they started being BM, as most certainly that was the highlight of their month 😛 Still, i missed this things, as in Hearthstone there are only a few predefined lines your char can say to the opponent, and not a direct chat system enabled. I wonder why 😛 (To be honest if you really want you can add your previous adversary to your friend list and if he accepts you can speak your mind then)

So, for all who haven’t played in some time and want to come back to Starcraft, know that at least one of the changes made by Blizzard works in your favour, the MMR decay, meaning that you won’t face the players you were matched with, but less skilled ones, so it won’t be that hard as in once was to get in shape. In my case i play diamonds instead of mid-high masters as i once was. This helps me get the basics again and improve my game while not being executed on the spot, so the gaming experience is beneficial for all involved. Also, if you happend to lose 10 games in a row don’t despair, eventually you will come back and have a fabulous win streak, as your mmr will stabilise and then rise.

My goal is to make it back to masters, playing random as always, and keep myself there with at least a few games daily, and on the short run try not to get eliminated too fast in the upcoming competition.

Gaming in 2014

Happy new year guys and thanks for following Generalul!

What will 2014 bring? Well, for once since i had a lot of work at i didn’t have much time to play Starcraft 2 in December, and when i did, i experienced another new game from Blizz, Hearthstone. Here is an example of a noob me, playing with the help of a more experienced player, Outlaw (mainly Romanian cast):

And i’ve also taken an interest in Dota 2, where i’ll soon stream some of the games there.

Still, Starcraft 2 isn’t out of the picture, and i will find the time to rape those pesky noobs on the ladder and in some online cups, playing random as usuall 😛

Until then:


De ce sa jucam Starcraft?

De ce sa ne jucam in primul rand? Pentru multa lume jocurile pe calculator sunt doar o pierdere de timp, insa realitatea ne arata ca lucrurile nu stau chiar asa. Studiile arata ca gamerii au reflexe imbunatatite, coordonare mai buna, au o analiza critica mai dezvoltata precum si abilitatea de a rezolva probleme. Pe langa asta jocurile pe pc imbunatatesc memoria, pot starni interesul pentru istorie/lectura si multe altele:

Bineinteles, sunt jocuri si jocuri, insa Starcraft-ul si anume ultima aparitie, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm este regele lor. Cum sahul este un joc complex, recunoscut la nivel mondial ca un veritabil sport la mintii, Starcraft-ul a dus lucrurile si mai departe, fiind pionierul E-Sports in lume. Starcraft 2 este un joc de strategie, unde asemenea sahului, trebuie sa iti infrangi adversarul folosind o strategie mai buna decat a acestuia, pacalindu-l sau sacrificand unii pioni (unitati) pentru a obtine o victorie mai mare in final. Totul trebuie facut insa in timp real, iar rapiditatea cu care sunt date comenzi unitatilor din joc are si ea un rol important, pe langa atentia distributiva, multitasking-ul si tactica necesara.

Pentru cine nu a apucat sa joace aceasta excelenta strategie, il invit sa vizioneze video-urile disponibile pe canalul meu de youtube generalul1 si sa urmareasca live stream-ul meu:

Watch live video from Generalul on

Primul contact cu universul Starcraft l-am avut in 1998, iar faptul ca si acum, cand am 29 ani profit de orice ocazie pentru a putea juca cateva meciuri spune multe despre dragostea mea pentru aceasta strategie, unde zergii, terranii si protosii sunt inclestati intr-un razboi etern 🙂 Sunt doar unul dintre milioanele de fani pe care acest joc si i-a castigat, lucru care s-a putut vedea cu usurinta si anul acesta, cand Romania a gazduit o editie a Dreamhack-ului unde s-au infruntat pe scena de la Bucuresti unii dintre cei mai buni jucatori din lume, iar spectacolul a fost urmarit live de alte sute de mii de oameni!

Random players in Starcraft 2

As i said with other ocassions, i started to play as terran, and after 1 year i switched to random, as i wanted to experience all of Starcraft 2, not just 1/3 of it…

I understand pro players who specialise in one race, as yes, it’s really hard to master them all, and for them the goal is to win and make a living out of this game, not enjoy it casually like the rest of us mortals 🙂 Also note that even them know how to play the other races and they have a deep understanding of each one’s strenghts and weaknesses.

Yeah, i dropped to diamond for a season after i began playing random, but i came back quickly and at this moment i am no. 29 world random 1v1 player, according to


All this while i don’t have the time to even play daily, or as much as i did in the past. So, why aren’t more random players? Is it not more fun to understand all of what this game has to offer and when you watch a stream, really know what’s going on even if there are other races playing, not just your favourite? The reactions i get when playing random on ladder are varied, with some players respecting a master random and with others raging when i don’t tell them my race (why the fuck would someone do that anyway?) or just quiting the game… Well to be honest the idiots that don’t know how to scout and complain about this are the same ones that would rage and cry no matter what you did. If you cheesed/allined them they would qq, if you won a macro game vs them they would qq as well and say your race was op or „you play like a faggot”, if they won they would be BM and boast about how noob you are, so yeah, i don’t have a problem with the retard part of the community trashing randoms 🙂

Yesterday, when i was laddering on the EU server, i came across this rare moment, where i met another master random player, level 90, with Dark Voice portrait as well (yeah, that 1k wins with each race option achievment) 😛

Screenshot2013-10-27 14_48_19

Also, if you want to see more random action, both in 1v1’s and team games, tune in to my stream channel and subscribe:

Watch live video from Generalul on

Awesome games from Generalul

A litte update on my streamed games, i highlighted some nice matches or moments for you to enjoy 🙂 So, if you want to see Generalul playing 1v1, 2v2, ffa’s or other games LIVE, please don’t forget to follow my channel at

A m-m-m-m-m-monster kill with a widow mine in a 1v1 ladder game 😛 13 is also my lucky number as i was born on that day 🙂

A nice textbook TvT on the EU ladder

A ZvZ where the victor is decided in the last second 😛

Free for all games and the way the work 🙂 Le the chaos begin 😛

Cheese time in a 4v4 game:

And another classic TVT: