Cluj Battle Sessions

As i’ve said, i came back to Starcraft 2 in order to prepare for the LAN, „Cluj Battle Sessions„, organised by E-sports Cluj A few months of Hearthstone have put their mark on my apm (not that it was great before), not to mention the new map pool makes it increasingly difficult to play my consecrated allins 😛


The event spanned over 3 days, as it hosted cosplay, board games and a LOL championship as well. You know, that Dota 2 version for kids ^^ The first day i had to play 2 bo3’s, the first one being against one of the organizers, a diamond zerg. In the past, when i played high masters and even some low GM’s, that would have been an easy game. Since this season i am diamond as well (and it’s a lot harded to get to masters if you start playing mid-season) and i had become rusty, the games were not so ez anymore, more so since i played random as always 😛 The first game i got toss, and i just built up an OP deathball and i killed the zerg, who rellied heavilly on muta’s. The second one i played terran and i managed to block his hatch-first with an engineering bay, making him allin me with banelings. A testament to my below average play was the fact that even if i knew that was coming and i had prepared a defence, i barely held it off, after all my army was killed and i evacuated to the high ground.

The next bo3 was indeed easy, as i played against another zerg, but this time a silver one 😛 Still, i feared he might be a smurf and the games lasted a lot longer than they should have 🙂

The semifinals were another matter, as i faced yet ANOTHER zerg, this time a high diamond, who responded to my cannon rush at his natural with a nydus in my base, and even if that didn’t end the game and i continued to resist valiantly at my natural, while doing a zealot runby in his main, i eventually lost it. The second game was a knife fight zvz, with him dealing devastating damage with a very fast baneling push. At one moment of the game i had only 5 drones left, the only thing working in my favour being my completed natural and 2 spines i managed to place there. What followed was an intense base trade situation, with his burrow-roaches trying to kill all my buildings before my 1-1 speedlings did the same. I managed to win, and comeback from a shamefull 0-2 loss. In the final game i did what i know best and i cannon rushed the hell out of him, at his nat and at his third. His nydus didn’t work again, and Generalul got to the finals 😛

This time i faced a master protoss, that already belonged to a clan and knew his way with the mouse. The final was a BO5, and the first game, a pvp, had me make a terrible decision by attacking into a third nexus, guarded by immortals and colossi from a not so favorable position. After losing that engagement, i played from behind and i was quickly put down by his OP deathball 😛 Next i got terran and i did something i wished i got the chance to do, my dear 1-1-1 strat, with the mine drop variation. The battle at his natural was fierce, but i managed to win in the end and tie up the score. Next i got zerg, and i became a victim of a toss timing push, just as my third was up and running and i was producing updraged hydras & other zerg shit. The 4th game was a back and forth pvp ending in my victory only because i hallucinated 3-4 colossi and his army lacked an observer, thus keeping my real units alive. WOW! 2-2 and the final match was upon us! I’ll be really honest and say i didn’t expect this, and by all means, i’m sure as hell not the false modest guy 😛 I got terran again, and this time i went for the 1-1-1 with the cloack banshee variation, betting (correctly) on the fact that he will expect a mine drop and place static defences at his bases. My banshee managed to get 11 kills and fly away safely, and by that time i even had a supply advantage. I could have won this game too, but this time he reacted very well to my allin push and split his army outside of his natural. My micro betrayed me as i didn’t save my tanks and i couldn’t get the much needed edge against the defending forces from then on. It was a very nice run though, and when/if the games will be available i will upload them here as well.

I had a really great time at the Lan, with a bit of luck i managed to get to the finals and also win some goodies and in the future i want to see more of these events and maybe play some Hearthstone as well 😛


More pictures from the Cluj Battle Sessions event can be found here:

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