Coming back to Starcraft

Beware noobs, GENERALUL is back!


It’s been a few months since i played Starcraft 2, as i had a lot to work at my „baby” company Comanda Caricaturi all my gaming time being dedicated to Hearthstone. Last week i found out about a Lan in my home city, Cluj-Napoca, and even if i am rusty i couldn’t pass out this event. I mean i did go to another Lan Cup in Bucharest last year, 600 km away, so by all means, i’ll go to this one even if i am raped by goldies in my current state 😛 So, coming back to this game after this pause has been difficult indeed, i didn’t knew the new ladder maps and my apm has fallen bellow 100, but to be honest that was never my strong point.

After a loss streak (some games were terrible cheeses that i couldn’t hold, the kind i would have never lost to in 2013) i started to gain ground and even win some long macro games. I had forgotten the rage that Starcraft spawns in many players, as some of them kept crying about me not telling my race, then about my race being OP (whatever that was), about my strat and so on. Then there were even ones that after seeing my profile and realising they beat an ex GM they started being BM, as most certainly that was the highlight of their month 😛 Still, i missed this things, as in Hearthstone there are only a few predefined lines your char can say to the opponent, and not a direct chat system enabled. I wonder why 😛 (To be honest if you really want you can add your previous adversary to your friend list and if he accepts you can speak your mind then)

So, for all who haven’t played in some time and want to come back to Starcraft, know that at least one of the changes made by Blizzard works in your favour, the MMR decay, meaning that you won’t face the players you were matched with, but less skilled ones, so it won’t be that hard as in once was to get in shape. In my case i play diamonds instead of mid-high masters as i once was. This helps me get the basics again and improve my game while not being executed on the spot, so the gaming experience is beneficial for all involved. Also, if you happend to lose 10 games in a row don’t despair, eventually you will come back and have a fabulous win streak, as your mmr will stabilise and then rise.

My goal is to make it back to masters, playing random as always, and keep myself there with at least a few games daily, and on the short run try not to get eliminated too fast in the upcoming competition.

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