Dreamhack Bucharest 2013


This was the second year that Dreamhack Bucharest took place, and surprisingly, it was „the most packed out” tournament to date, with lots of koreans and other progamers attending.
I also wanted to stream some games, the ones that were too „insignificant” for the official casters to bother with, meaning the Romanian players, besides Nightend and Deathangel, as a lot of them took the chance and entered this competition. Well, i started casting one game, and i was soon threatened by some Dreamhack admin, and i had to stop the stream. This while nobody else bothered to cover that game and since it was an „offline” event, streamcheating was out of the question…

Oh well, that’s life, who knows, maybe in the future i will be able to cast events like this, not the big games, covered by GODS like Artosis, Apollo or Day 9, but at least minor games that aren’t casted by anyone, because even the underdogs and the lesser known players have a story to tell, and i personally respect anyone who went there to face pro players, knowing his chances of advancing are close to 0.

Dreamhack Bucharest was a very succesfull event, and while i couldn’t be „in the game” i sure was able to enjoy it by watching the other streams. Not surprisingly, koreans owned everything, and the only surprise was that Innovation, my favourite, succumbed in the finals to TaeJa, 0-3.

Hopefully, next year Generalul will be there, where i will do some of my amazing allins 🙂

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