eSports, Idra, rage and mentality

I dind’t want to write about this subject, as it was discussed over and over again on many Starcraft 2 forums and not only. Also, i don’t care about Idra that much, as i have never been a fan of his BM and constant QQ about balance and what not. Not to mention i don’t rage in my games and i only BM idiots who start BM-ing me in the first place so that kind of behaviour isn’t something i can relate to (even if i lose to cheese or some kind of game imbalance) or understand.

Unfortunately, his spoiled brat actions and other similar ones made by other players, pro or not, ruin the reputation that eSports is trying to build. This article was triggered by a post on another forum, where because of this, constant ladder rage and kids crying all over about imbalance, one race or the other, it was said eSports will never be REAL sports, as it is reserved mostly for immature children, whereas in a real sporting competition you would never see all this indiscipline, BM and so on…

Now, this is wrong, on so many levels!

First of all, eSports is a serious thing, with strict regulations and should not be confussed with player’s own streams and with the ladder system, who are the equivalent of a let’s say a schoolyard football game. Now, by the actions, skill and language of some boys playing football can you judge the Champions League or the World Cup competition? It’s the same here, ladder is accesible to all, and that is something that makes eSports so popular, the fact that you can actually play the starts you see in the big tournaments either on ladder (granted you have a good enough MMR) or in various online cups. That doesn’t mean that all these fans act in a mature, polite way towards their oppoents, but for their credit, they haven’t up to this point killed anyone for their favourite game, and sadly that cannot be said about other more popular „traditional” sports.

It also a well known fact that high level cheaters are banned for life from the big competitions, who have very strict rules. Also, don’t forget that Naniwa lost his code S seed for his infamous probe rush vs Nestea, as it was considered a lack of respect towards all the viewers who expected to see these 2 battle it out, even if the game didn’t have any stake left. Also, when he participated in the GSL, MLG, or other tourneys, not even Idra dared do more than rage quit without a gg. His swearing and BM is reserved for stream and ladder games.

Also, considering in eSports, especially in Starcraft players need to use their brains, adapt to changes, devise strategies and not only relly on repetition and hand speed, i will gladly watch games like these vs your average sports, where mostly physical atributes reign, perfected by constant mindless practice. And i won’t even bring up gymnastics here, where children are robbed of their childhood in order to bring glory to their country and their parents. I am yet to see a child tortured in order to become a succesfull progamer…

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