About gaming and perfect moments

We all have some moments in life where we remember we were truly happy (even if we didn’t acknoledged this at that time) and we would like to relive them or even recreate that atmosphere as much as possible. Ofcourse, there are some common things: our first love, the first kiss, passing an admittance exam and so on but there are some other special moments, less ordinary.

For me one of this moments can easily be one of the days spent at my grandparents house playing late into the night at the computer. When i was in highschool the internet was a luxury and the speed was measured in a few tens of kb/sec at best, not in tens of even hundreds of mb like now. Besides the internet cafe’s and gaming halls, i was the happy owner of a modem through witch i connected to the net using the landline phone and Xnet (veterans know :P). The cost was enormous during daytime so i had to wait for 22:00, for the night prices of Romtelecom, that lasted until 7 AM.

As i said the speed was terrible but from time to time i managed to play some Broodwar or Majesty with a friend and the rest of time was dedicated to downloading music, games, pictures, navigating, Mirc & stuff. There were games i played late into the night, having by my side a glass of milk with coco or a mineral water. I would sometimes hear the crickets in the garden, while i was moving my divisions in Panzer General, defending from or controling the zergling swarms in Starcraft or saving humanity from the orcs in Spellcross. Now you can buy/download any game in a few seconds, but many are just a feast of colours and explosions and don’t have the „soul” of the games of 2000 and so. I didn’t need stunning graphics, spectacular effects worth tens of millions or online achievments, nobody could get me away from the pc when i started a Heroes 3 campaign, an Incubation mission or a NFS 🙂 Those were the times i had no worries, no bank payments, no taxes and i didn’t have to think all the time what steps i should take for my business to survive the economic crisis and much, much more…

adi & cats

The perfect moment then, but the same as the others that would come, was eclipsed by other wishes, turmoils of the moment, essentially all kinds of meaningless stuff. Strange though, as we never seem to learn from this and we are eternally unhappy. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now when i will remember this period, even this moment, when i am free to write on my blogs will be a perfect moment as well 🙂

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