Generalul, Dota 2 &… CYKA :P

After all the attention i gave Hearthstone, it’s time for a post about another life-stealing game, Dota 2. I started playing it about 2 years ago, but i did so only from time to time, along with some friends. I went through all the stages, as at first i played only Pudge and i even managed to win with him, i then browsed other heroes, learned to place a ward and all that. I hadn’t played Dota 1 or other MOBA’s, but i did play a custom map from Starcraft 2, Storm of the Imperial Sanctum, that had similar mechanics (i loved Kerrigan and the MULE) so i had an edge vs the regular noob.

Now, the thing i hate most about this game is the ranking system, as your MMR is determined once you do the placement matches, and then only fluctuates by +/- 25 or so points when you lose or win a game. Back then, when i qualified to play ranked, i was still noobish, despite my previous SOTIS experience, and got assigned around 2,5k mmr. Now i’m about 3,3k and climbing, but it’s so frustratingly slow, especially when you get russian comrades in your team than feed like crazy and/or rage quit/send couriers to the enemy and so on… I think a seasonal placement, like in Starcraft 2 was more appropriate, along with the mmr decay for not playing months at a time.

Take this for example 😛

So, let’s see Generalul in action:

Dota 2 is free to play and is available on Steam, so if you haven’t done it by now, please do give it a try 😛

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