Generalul & Heroes of Might and Magic 3

1999… The year i entered highschool, and the year Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was launched, more than 15 years ago 😛 In the summer holiday, just before classes started, i played this game almost every day, learning all there was to it, spending countless hours on the campaign (that seemed very difficult to complete at first) and the scenarios versus the ai. Multiplayer consisted of hot-seat with friends, as it was still one or two years before i would get dial-up internet, and even then i didn’t play it online for a long time. No worries, i more than made up for that years later, and even now, with the HD version of Heroes 3 that just launched on Steam this month.


I never cared much for the graphics & stuff, for me the important thing is the multiplayer Steam support, that can bring an excellent game back to life. Sure, people still play the GOG Complete Edition but that requires some other programs installed, like Hamachi, and some meddling with them in order to make the game work. The game looks great, can be played at high resolutions, but from the start, was bugged by a lot of problems concerning multiplayer. Some were fixed, some not, but i must say i played a lot since the first day, despite the hardships. A regular game, on a medium-large map with at least 4 players, can take up to 10 hours, and in some cases even longer, although usually some drop/leave and their places are taken by ai’s, leaving the remaining ones to battle among themselves.

Playing this now, at the age of 30, makes me feel like in the old days when i got my hands on Heroes 3, staying at my grandparents and playing long into the night, saving, loading and feeling the awe that this game inspires in it’s fans. If you want a fast, action-packed game, well, this is not for you! Here, you need to think, plan, strategise, as the luck or rng factor is really low.

A screenshot from a multiplayer game that i won, a few days ago 😛


So, if you want to test your skills agains me, just add Generalul on steam, my icon is this:

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