Generalul, reloaded!

After a long pause, exploring other games, getting better at Hearthstone and a lot of non-gaming work, Generalul tooks up arms again and returns to pawn some noobs on the Starcraft 2 ladder! I never had a high apm, but after all this time, i found i was having trouble with the game’s mechanics. Still, you don’t get to be top 25 world 1v1 random for nothing, and it all started to come back to me. Some things remain the same, some change, but you have to do your best and as you play more and more, you will improve. As you all know, i love rushes and allinish strats, but the map pool often forces long drawn-out macro games.

Back to diamond, the first step in the road for total random world dominance ^^

So, if you meet Generalul on ladder, please, give him your tears noobs 😛

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