GG= Gosu Generalul Grandmaster for the first time

Screenshot2013-05-08 12_07_50

Well, it’s only in WOL for now, but i’ll try in the future to get it in HOTS as well. It was easier to get Grandmaster in Starcraft: Wings Of Liberty than in the last seasons, but sadly a lot of players use maphacks, and some are even high GM now. Why Blizzard doesn’t take action is beyond me, especially since the Grandmaster League should only represent the top players of each region, not some platinum noobs who can use a cheat program. Anyway, since at the moment i am the only random GM in WOL, and i got there by playing ONLY random, it does feel good indeed!

Screenshot2013-05-08 12_09_18

God i love that gold outline, makes me look like a fucking saint, Jesus got nothing on me nabz!

Screenshot2013-05-09 08_59_54

So, don’t dispair if you are nubz, i was a noob too (well, i still am :P), i never played Starcraft 2 beta, i mostly played BGH in Starcraft 1, i am quite old for your average progamer (29 this year), my pc sucks, i don’t have as much time to play as i would want, and even when i do manage to find some, my 6 cats make sure my gameplay won’t go unhindered 🙂 So yeah, you can be a Grandmaster as well, just play, have fun, and don’t forget to GG!

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