Great gaming moments (1)

Every gamer had them, great battles won, a boss fight that took hours and countless loads to win, epic win streaks, a char that ruled the server in a mmo, you name it…

I, Generalul, remember a lot of these instances, where i lived the finest moments of gaming. I’ll stick to pc games, and the beginning of the love affair between me and them, starting in 1998 with my 6×86 cyrix 🙂 Starcraft (yeah, the first one :P) was about to be launched and a demo was released, demo that i installed from Level magazine’s cd. The moment i played that game i was shocked at what the „pc master race” can offer, that i can benefit so much from this. I always loved strategy games, when i was a child i often played with toy soldiers, and now i got to control them in a fantastic sf background story. The demo level had 3 unique levels, not found in the full version, and for that moment, they were all i had before i would get my hands on a pirated starcraft cd (in those days piracy was an abstract concept in Romania, as you could buy cracked software from stores right in the town center :P), thanks to our bulgarian buddies. I played those levels all over again, i got to learn the maps by heart, i knew the lines spoken by every unit, i experimented different aproaches to the missions, i was… in heaven ^^ I would have friends come over and marvel along side me at this digital wonder.

Still, that wasn’t the most played demo in this gamer’s life, but the one of ARSENAL: Taste but power. That game was also a RTS, made by an obscure french company, TacticalSoft, and i got it from a magazine’s cd borrowed from a friend. The game was all that a strategy fan like me could wish, with land, air and sea units, upgrades, random map generators etc. I loved it from the spot and i played it furiously. You had acces to a few campaign missions, but the skirmishes vs the ai were the main attraction. There was one thing though, you were limited to a few units, as the others and the unique ones were available only in the full version. As i had no way of getting that back then i had to make do with the units i had, and i became so good at that game that eventually i was able to beat several computers, allied against me, that had acces to the full tech tree. Epic moments i tell, you epic!


From the cycle of great gaming moments, come the endless turns of Spellcross, a true underdog tbs, where you controlled the human resistance vs invading orcs in a contemporary setting. The atmosphere of the game was fantastic, the music and effects played a big part, and so did the harsh difficulty and the limited save spots of each mission. The story was great, making me want to research all i could and read all i could get my hands on about the invaders, their tactics, how humans across the globe dealt with the invasion etc. It was a smart game, where you had to carefully plan your funds, upgrades and recruits and then employ the best tactics in the battle missions. Most of the time that consisted in occupying the higher ground, entrenching your units there and then luring the enemy to your position with a fast scout, like the Hummer.


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