Heroes of the Storm, Zagara gameplay, road to rank 1

After i started focusing on HoTS’s ranked play, i must admit i learned the game a lot better than i thought i knew to play it at that moment, and i’ll share my findigs here.

First of all, if you want to climb the ladder as we say in Starcraft, you must prepare yourself with a lot of patience. It won’t be easy, there will be games that are out of your control, no matter what you do, but the important thing is to always LEARN something from your games, be them wins or losses. If someone on your or the enemy’s team performed really well, you can check out their talents distribution and watch the game replay, and in the same way you can learn how to setup or avoid ambushes and improve your play. It doesn’t matter that when you fight with your team mates you don’t admit your mistakes, the point is to recognise them and avoid them in the next games.

Raging and insults toward your team never help, even if you adress them to feeders and/or other bigmouths, who flame at the first ocassion. Some people will just feed, sit in base or just won’t cooperate if there is much tension in the team, and that makes games where comebacks are possible, lost for good. HotS is indeed a game that it’s not over until your core is destroyed, the comebacks and throws are real, so really, the best thing to do in this moba is never give up. See here why:

Ok, now about my favourite hero, Zagara:


If you want to climb to rank 1 or at least high up in the top, you need to master a few heroes, ideally 2 for each class (tank, support, asassin, specialist) as many times you will pick last and will be forced to fill the missing slot, but for the cases you get to pick first/second, i recommend having 1-2 heroes you master really well. Zagara would be a nice choice, as it is good for all the maps, is a good pusher and doesn’t depend as much on the team, by having her own heal ability (Rapid Incubation), besided the bonus health regeneration on creep.

For a optimal Zagara gameplay, i recommend this build:


Just like in Starcraft 2, when you play zerg, you have to spread the creep as much as you can, ideally in places that obscure visibility and to make a pathway that secures a safe retreat in case of danger, as that 20% move speed bonus really makes a difference. You will most always lane by yourself, and a lot of heroes will have trouble vs you 1 on 1, needing to pull another helper from the other lanes. This helps your team a lot, but the main bonus of Zagara is in team fights, as you can use your abilities to snipe from behind or deal aoe damage. Your devouring maw ultimate can turn the tide in many games, you just need to practice it a bit in order to know how to place it best. Ideally you want to „eat” at least 2 enemy heroes, disabling healing or other usage of ulti’s from the enemy team or impeding the escape of others. Your ulti can combo great with others, especially aoe ones that take a few seconds to cast, like the skills used by Jaina or Nova.

A compilation of my Zagara gameplay moments:

In the end, Zagara was the hero that carried me to rank 1, having a fantastic win/loss ration, and even getting to be played in the last game, although that one was rather strange, having also Sylvanas and Murky in the team :))


This being said, gl & hf noobs ^^

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