What i play besides Starcraft

Starcraft 2 is the master of all games, but it comes a time when we have to take a break from all those complex strategies and sharp micro and just play a less demanding game. Even if i am not a pro player at Starcraft, i do focus at doing my best when i play 1v1 ladder, and that takes a lot of concentration. I don’t need that as much in other games, where there is no rank and i can also watch tv while i’m playing for example.

So, what to i play when i don’t rape nubz on the Starcraft ladder? Well, i try new games from time to time, and ones even take over my time a few days in a row. A recent one is Battle Worlds: Kronos, a turn based strategy that brings to life the best of Panzer General & Battle Isle, those amazing games that i played while growing up. In this case i played the campaign until it was done, but the multiplayer isn’t so appealing and competitive as in Starcraft. And even if it was, i would still stick to my main love, HOTS 😛

Another time consuming game that i return to periodically is another Blizzard title, Diablo 3. I have a paragon 55 Barbarian on softcore (played a lot in the early days, when it was HARD and the new level system wasn’t introduced) and a 20+ Bard on Hardcore as well (after i lost one at a similar level due to the fucking lag). I do enjoy a good hack & slash from time to time, solo or with some friends and i await the Reaper of Souls expansion next year 😛

Don’t Starve is also a great survival game, that i played since it was in beta, and it’s a great experience everytime:

Recently i started playing Dota 2, and i must admit, raping nubz there is a lot of fun, especially when playing in a team with friends. The downside is that sometimes, while playing solo i get some lousy partners that insist of feeding the other team 😛 Losing with a 50-20 isn’t as much fun 🙂

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