Random players in Starcraft 2

As i said with other ocassions, i started to play as terran, and after 1 year i switched to random, as i wanted to experience all of Starcraft 2, not just 1/3 of it…

I understand pro players who specialise in one race, as yes, it’s really hard to master them all, and for them the goal is to win and make a living out of this game, not enjoy it casually like the rest of us mortals 🙂 Also note that even them know how to play the other races and they have a deep understanding of each one’s strenghts and weaknesses.

Yeah, i dropped to diamond for a season after i began playing random, but i came back quickly and at this moment i am no. 29 world random 1v1 player, according to


All this while i don’t have the time to even play daily, or as much as i did in the past. So, why aren’t more random players? Is it not more fun to understand all of what this game has to offer and when you watch a stream, really know what’s going on even if there are other races playing, not just your favourite? The reactions i get when playing random on ladder are varied, with some players respecting a master random and with others raging when i don’t tell them my race (why the fuck would someone do that anyway?) or just quiting the game… Well to be honest the idiots that don’t know how to scout and complain about this are the same ones that would rage and cry no matter what you did. If you cheesed/allined them they would qq, if you won a macro game vs them they would qq as well and say your race was op or „you play like a faggot”, if they won they would be BM and boast about how noob you are, so yeah, i don’t have a problem with the retard part of the community trashing randoms 🙂

Yesterday, when i was laddering on the EU server, i came across this rare moment, where i met another master random player, level 90, with Dark Voice portrait as well (yeah, that 1k wins with each race option achievment) 😛

Screenshot2013-10-27 14_48_19

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  1. Michael

    I just think playing random is a cheap thing to do your start depends heavily on what race you are playing because each race is different it’s a good general idea to know if it’s safe to expand should I grab a bunker, should I rush hellions against a zerg player, but when going against random you have to wait till your scout sees it, which in all actuality isn’t entirely fair, most players now days say fuck it and just 4 rax, 6 pool, or zealot rush, why well cuz they don’t have another choice, chances are most of the random opponents we go against are just going to cheese cuz they don’t understand all three races, the ones that do play really well I’ll give them that, but I’m only in gold why am I playing someone that’s an expert at all three races sounds to me like this guy/girl should be in master’s if you have a deep understanding of all three races, either way it’s hard for you to start the game not which race you’re playing against. I scout a lot scans I send marines out constantly trying to find out what my opponent is doing, I’m not the best scouter and I noticed I need to get better at it, but I do pretty decent for being in gold playing against random is just cheap and needs to be removed from the game.

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  2. Generalul Autor articol

    @Michael given how big the maps are these days, it’s really hard for a random player to cheese you effectively. Also, if you learn to counter all the early cheeses/rushes you will get a free win against that kind of play. In gold i am sure there are many strats that seem op to you no matter the race, and also the randoms you meet aren’t way better either, probably they stick to one strat and try to win with it everytime. Just play a safe game, scout and understand the early agression and the odds are in the long run you will outmacro them heavily.

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