Starcraft 2 2013 season 4 has begun

The old season is over, and season 4 2013 has started! I think you have noticed by now that Blizzard is alligning the season duration with the WCS, so we now have somewhat shorter seasons.

New changes brought by season 4:

New map pool

and a shitty commercial move to force noobs to buy HOTS by removing GM league in WOL and take away their chance of getting that desired shinny portrait outline. Pfff, good thing i got it last season, but i don’t see how it is fair to take away the joy from others wanting to do so. This is a subtle martketing move, not in the sense that WOL players will all rush out and get HOTS in order to get the GM achievment, as they are aware of how hard it will be to get in, but while the GM league was there, HOTS owners would have come over to still play the game in order to get it and so the ladder was more populated. As it will be from now on most likely only the WOL owners will remain, and finding a game would take ages there, so they will be forced to buy HOTS if they want to have a pleasant gaming experience…

Anyway, $ still rules the world, nothing that can be done about that…

My season 3 global 1v1 Starcraft 2 career finish for my EU and NA accounts, no 20 and 23 world random player in WOL and 77 and 90 world random player in HOTS:

20si23 77si90hots

So yeah, i can fucking rule even without the shinny GM badge that made me look as a saint 😛

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