Starcraft: Legacy of the Void tournaments

I heard some time ago about the implementation of tournaments in Legacy of the Void, but i only got to play them recently, and the verdict is i just love them! They offer a brand new challange, except from ladder, and remind me of all those great moments while i played CraftCup, Playhem, Zotac, ESL and other online cups. Now, having this system integrated in the game, things are much simpler, you don’t need to try to add your opponent, report the result, upload screenshots or replays and so on.

Tournament mode, explained here:

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_18_06

So yeah, even if the game is still in the beta, this feature is already working just great, and i can tell you this after playing in 3 automated tournaments. Ofcourse, i would expect they would implement it as a custom game mode, and every online competition will be played that way in the future, they could add rewards for winning, make the option to play in bigger tournaments and so on.

Even though i played only a few games in LOTV, i managed to beat some grandmaster in my first tournament, and i even got to win the third one 🙂 Ah, and playing random, as always ^^

Screenshot2015-09-13 00_17_16

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