Starcraft makes us smarter

Well, it’s not only Starcraft, but computer games in general. Actually i had to do some reasearch about this when i wrote my bachelor’s degree and yes, it appears i haven’t lost thousands an thousands of hours hor nothing until now, video games do help you in a variety of ways. But hey, don’t take just my word for it:

And ofcourse, you can find many more refferences to this, so when your parents, your girlfriend/wife or even your boss tells you you’re wasting time, please do show them this evidence!

Now, more than many other games, Starcraft is a complex strategy that requires not only good hand-eye coordination, as your average shooter or car racing game, but great tactical analysis, decision making, the ability to think in deepth, the same as in a chees game where you can make some sacrifices having in mind the bigger picture. Starcraft 2 manages to create a balance between 3 completely different races with various play mechanics and strategies, leaving it to the player to choose a play that suits him best and still having an incredible durable gameplay.

So, if you want to be smarter, just play!

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