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Starcraft Heart of the Swarm 2v2 games

Starcraft offers a variety of game modes to it’s players, but 1v1 is the defining icon of the game and the flagship of E-sports. There you can show you skills, while the other modes are for fun and playing with your friends. Still, you can play team games at a very high level as well, especially the 2v2 ladder, where things aren’t as hectic as in 3v3 and 4v4’s and coordination with your team mate is essential. Strategies and maps are different, but the mechanincs of 1v1 play makes the difference. If you can’t micro/macro decently at 1v1 you won’t be able to do it in a team game as well, that’s why the loading screen identifies the players’s 1v1 league by showing the appropriate portrait border outline.

As i have said, 2v2’s are fun, and they are part of the Starcraft 2 experience as well, not to mention you can meet a lot of pro players there as well, players you can’t even dream playing in a 1v1. Let’s see a game like that:

Watch live video from generalul on TwitchTV

and a look from the opponent’s perspective (5:34:18 to 5:50:50):P

Watch live video from mouzThorZaIN on TwitchTV