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Heroes of the Storm: cheesy backdoor Morales

While playing Hero League, i’ve come across this weird backdoor strat that i didn’t believe it will work. Well, not only did it grant us a win, it did so in under 10 minutes, like we were playing vs ai 🙂

The trick is simple: on Sky Temple you go 3-1-1, keep pushing the top lane, hold the top temple while the others soak, destroy the first fort, then at 10 just go banzai in the shuttle and backdoor to bypass their defences amining to destroy the keep and then the core. If they haven’t faced this before they won’t know how to react, and even so, it still is hard to defend.

The ideal comp consists of Morales, Raynor, Falstad, Artanis and Tyrael, each using their specific talents to maximise team damage and survivability, but you can replace 1 or 2 except Morales ofc 🙂