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Momente perfecte in viata

Cu totii avem unele momente din viata in care ne putem aminti ca am fost cu adevarat fericiti (chiar daca nu constientizam asta in clipa respectiva) si pe care am dori sa le retraim sau sa recreem acea atmosfera pe cat posibil. Bineinteles, sunt unele lucruri comune: prima dragoste, primul sarut, reusita la un examen de admitere etc insa si momente speciale, mai putin obisnuite.
Pentru mine un astfel de moment poate fi cu usurinta una din zilele in care stateam in casa bunicilor si ma jucam pana seara tarziu la calculator. Cand eram in liceu internetul era un lux, iar viteza se masura in cateva zeci de kb/sec, nu in zeci sau chiar sute de mb ca acum. Pe langa „internet cafe-urile/salile de jocuri” de atunci, eram insa fericitul posesor al unui modem prin care ma conectam la net folosind telefonul fix si Xnet (veteranii stiu :P). Costul era enorm in timpul zilei, asa ca trebuia sa astept ora 22:00, cand se aplica tariful de noapte al Romtelecom, valabil pana dimineata la 7.

Dupa cum am spus, viteza era jalnica, insa mai incropeam un BroodWar sau un Majesty din cand in cand cu un amic, restul timpului fiind rezervat pentru download de muzica, joculete, poze, navigare, Mirc & stuff. Au fost si jocuri pe care le-am butonat pana tarziu in noapte, avand alaturi un pahar de lapte cu cacao sau o sticla de apa minerala. Auzeam cateodata greierii din gradina, in timp ce imi mutam diviziile in Panzer General, ma aparam de sau controlam hoardele de zerglingi in Starcraft, ori salvam omenirea de orci folosind armament modern in Spellcross. La ora actuala poti cumpara/downloada in cateva secunde orice nou titlu aparut pe piata, insa multe sunt doar un festin de culoare si explozii, fara „sufletul” pe care il aveau jocurile de prin 2000. Nu aveam nevoie de grafica ametitoare, efecte spectaculoase care au costat zeci de milioane sau achievment-uri online, nu ma mai ridica nimeni de la pc cand incepeam o campanie de Heroes 3, o misiune in Incubation sau un NFS 2/3 🙂 Clipe in care nu aveam griji, nu aveam rate, nu aveam taxe de platit, nu trebuia sa ma gandesc mereu ce masuri sa iau pentru ca firma mea sa supravietuiasca crizei economice si cate si mai cate…

Momentul perfect de atunci, care insa la fel ca altele ce urmeau sa vina, era eclipsat de alte nazuinte, framantari de moment dar in esenta tot felul de nimicuri. Ciudat cum nu invatam niciodata din lucrurile astea si suntem etern nemultumiti. Cine stie, poate peste 10 ani cand imi voi aminti de perioada aceasta, poate si momentul acesta, in care scriu liber pe blogurile mele va fi un moment perfect 🙂

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The Lan experience

Since i’m not a progamer and i don’t live in the capital city, Bucharest, i haven’t participated in many offline events (held mostly there) and i played mainly from home, especially since there were a lot of online cups to choose from everyday, like CraftCup, Playhem, GameCreeds, Zotac, ESL Go4SC and so on. Still, i decided to go to Arena Cyber League’s Season Finals, that hosted many games, including Starcraft 2 for the first time, a lan held 500 km away from my location.
Now keep in mind i went there for fun and for the experience of it, as i know my limitations and what expectations i can have from the time i have allocated to laddering and training. Still, even for a hardened progamer, waking up in the middle of the night and spending hours on the road to reach the lan destination can’t possibly be easy. Also, since i lacked offline experience, i had some trouble with my settings, so here is my advice to fellow gamers that attend similar events for the first time, no matter their game:

Bring your own keyboard, mouse and mousepad (i did that), even if they are low-tech, cheap ones, they are the ones that you are familiar with. A 5$ mouse that you play with everyday is better than a 6k dpi one that will fly out of your hand 🙂 Check the settings of the computer you play on, both in windows and ingame, other players change it for their own play style, so be sure to go over everything (mouse sensitivity, shortkeys, gameplay options etc). For example in my first games i had a problem that i couldn’t identify on the spot: the monitor i played on was smaller than my own, but the mouse settings have remained the same, so while the cursor was set to work great with my widescreen, on a smaller resolution it jumped more pixels than i intended. On a side note, my first game was against Romania’s second best player, Deathangel, so i would have lost anyway, this isn’t an excuse in no way.


Something about rage…

The ladder-rage! If you play Starcraft, no matter your league, surely you came across this. Either your opponent raged hard when you did your 6 pool or marine-scv rush, or you did when you got cannoned or raped hard (in that case you should be ashamed noob :P).

As i play random i can assure you i get more rage than most, starting from the start of the game sometimes. So, we have the average random haters, who start cursing from the beginning, or when i don’t tell them my race (why the hell should i, lol :)), the ones that lose to cheeses & allins and the ones who rage no matter how they lose 😛

A good example of rage at high level play is obviously Idra, and his constant whines about balance (TOSS OP! Terran OP!), rage-quits, and quiting games where he was winning 😛 Now, unfortunately, his example is shared by many players, no matter their league and skill. Still, remember, this is the internet, and insults coming from unknown players have the same value as the ones on any forum, facebook, or Irc, so don’t put much thought in it. I get many kicks out of seing how i make others QQ, especially if my opponent is a GM or a professional player.

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Oh and the „pièce de résistance” as our french nubz like to call it, an epic game where me and a friend RAPED the allmighty Stephano and another GM player, Bling at a 2v2. Like all other french wannabies, Stephano rage-quited after inviting us to taste his tiny dick 🙂

Screenshot2013-04-07 11_55_47

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