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Heroes of the Storm: repent sinners, because MMR Hell is indeed real!

So, if you’re playing a MOBA, chances are you are already familiar with the term „MMR hell”, or worse, you can even be stuck in it’s gory depths and wander it’s plains of frustration, despair and flaming. I’ve played DOTA 2 for quite a while, but lately my spare time was ocuppied with the brawls of the Nexus in Blizz’s Heroes of the Storm. In the first seasons i achieved rank 1, and i even wrote about it here, praising my beloved Zagara and giving some general gameplay tips.


With the introduction of the new ranking system and league distribution, i found myself in diamond 5 after the initial 10 placement matches. After some games, wins/losses, things were going ok, i was climbing steadily, i made it to diamond 3 and i was on my way to the much desired master rank. Then, out of the blue, everything fell apart: i had some really close games that were fun to play by themselves, it really didn’t even feel that bad to lose, BUT there were some really bad ones as well, with people making terrible draft picks/banns, leaving or disconnecting from the match, or just feeding and, the thing i will talk about below, games that were lost due to other people in my team flaming each other and/or giving up, even if it wasn’t too late to comeback.

This game offers you a lot of chances to comeback, especially in the late game, where just a good teamfight can open your way to the enemy’s core, even if, let’s say, you have no more keeps left. There is no buyback here, so if you die around level 20, it will take almost a full minute to revive, and a lot of things can happen before then, like idk, lose the fucking game, even if the enemy’s core is at 2%, so comebacks are real.

One of the most important things i have learned and you should all know sooner or later is that raging and insulting your teamates for a wrong draft/play doesn’t help you win the game but quite the contrary, so i try to appease conflicts and motivate them. Just put yourself in the position of a player who gets shit thrown at him, even for good reason, like making a terrible play, if he would have been told in a decent way what his mistake is and be asked to stay with the team next time or whatever, there are a hell of a lot more chances he will listen, than when he is called a fucker/retard/idiot/moron/shit/kid etc. More so, he could find as well mistakes that others made and capitalise on them and create a gloomy atmosphere that can even culminate with a player being afk in base, leaving or just feeding. We have all been there and seen the results, and they are not pretty, to say the least, at one time i have been there as well, i raged at others for feeding and made them lash back, or if i had been insulted for a good reason or not, i would focus more on finding adjectives that described that person’s mother and noting with sarcasm their mistakes than focusing on the game itselft.

Now, this Hero League game is just an example of how you should handle this type of situations, where things are not looking good:


ChoGall gameplay Heroes of the Storm

Let’s get this straight, considering equall skill for all players, 2 decent heroes will always be better than a ChoGall, even if he has his perks. Still, practice makes perfect, and even if at first i sucked with this hero, who according to hotslogs has a 44% win rate, now, while playing Cho, and with a decent Gall partner, i manage to get 70-80% win rate 😛

See here what i mean:

Now, to explain the skill choices:

I always pick the ones who augument „consuming blaze” (W), as you really need all the protection and healing you can get, and many fights will be melee, „rollback”, to make the bomb come back to you and better clear waves, plus get some funny kills, „upheavel” is the only ulti you need, as it can disrupt enemy casters, prevent enemies from escaping or just pull them near your towers or to a more favorable teamfight spot. I always get invulnerability („molten block”) as you will need it, and „favor of the old gods” because when you pull enemies towards you, you will need to fight and 50% damage reduction for 5 seconds is the best thing you can hope for.

For Gall, the most important skills to get are „bomb’s away” (bomb range) and „dark descent” (bomb damage). Although „twisting netter” works in some cases, i preffer „shadow bolt volley”, as it fits better with my skill choices.

Heart of the Swarm has arrived!

A month after the realease of the Starcraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm, here are a few considerations:

Blizzard didn’t dissapoint with HOTS, and this release further progressed Starcraft’s name and helped the growing E-sports scene by bringing new followers or bringing back others, bored with the way Wings of Liberty was being played. In Hots, there are a lot more openings and ways to harrass/allin your opponent, and pro players discover new strategies day by day, as the new game is far from being figured out.

The campaing and the story is ok, although many complain it lacks the originality and depth of the Starcraft/Broodwar one. First of all, who the fuck plays Starcraft for the campaign? And not to mention that while the story and cut-scenes have a deep Hollywood and happy-ending/let’s please everyone/Warcraft influence, they are still in tone with the overall plot started in the original and continue on the somewhat predictable path chosen some time ago. I think that any sequel to a grand ’90-’20 title would have problems ranking as high as the original for the fan’s, so that’s probably a big issue with the story of HOTS.

On the gameplay part as i said, there are lots of new options available, and the new units/abilities change the game completly, more than Broodwar did to the Starcraft vanilla. The trend that Blizzard set is in line with their role in popularising Esports, as Starcraft is the flagship game for Esports, i believe. So, HOTS favours micro over WOL’s deathballs with a-move, the key spells of the units playing decisive roles in many engagements. Also, cheese isn’t as powerfull than it was back in the old days, mainly because of the large maps and the new defensive units/abilities like the widow mines and the nexus charge.

So, see you on ladder nubz, while we try to adapt to the new changes!

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