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Something about rage…

The ladder-rage! If you play Starcraft, no matter your league, surely you came across this. Either your opponent raged hard when you did your 6 pool or marine-scv rush, or you did when you got cannoned or raped hard (in that case you should be ashamed noob :P).

As i play random i can assure you i get more rage than most, starting from the start of the game sometimes. So, we have the average random haters, who start cursing from the beginning, or when i don’t tell them my race (why the hell should i, lol :)), the ones that lose to cheeses & allins and the ones who rage no matter how they lose 😛

A good example of rage at high level play is obviously Idra, and his constant whines about balance (TOSS OP! Terran OP!), rage-quits, and quiting games where he was winning 😛 Now, unfortunately, his example is shared by many players, no matter their league and skill. Still, remember, this is the internet, and insults coming from unknown players have the same value as the ones on any forum, facebook, or Irc, so don’t put much thought in it. I get many kicks out of seing how i make others QQ, especially if my opponent is a GM or a professional player.

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Oh and the „pièce de résistance” as our french nubz like to call it, an epic game where me and a friend RAPED the allmighty Stephano and another GM player, Bling at a 2v2. Like all other french wannabies, Stephano rage-quited after inviting us to taste his tiny dick 🙂

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Even more rage at this Team Liquid thread: