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Bratislava, Slovakia and Fukas apartments, avoid at all costs!

We all know that the unhappiness of a client toward a certain service spread a lot more quickly that the praises of a satisfied one, which is normal in a way. When you pay for something, it seems appropriate when at the end you benefit from all that you have been promised for your money and your expectations have been fulfilled, afterall, you paid for it! On the other hand when what you see is NOT what you get, then it’s only right to be angry. I know this all too well, working with people for the past 10 years, 5 of those being dedicated to my dear project Comanda Caricaturi.

In October 2014 i was in a mini „eurotrip” with my wife, i drove from my home city of Cluj-Napoca with a few days stops in Budapest, Prague and for the return trip, we had planned to also stay a day in Bratislava. The bookings were all done on, where we selected from the range of offers only those that had wifi, parking and breakfast and then we took the decision based on the price and the emplacement. For Budapest and Prague we’ve been really inspired, but the same cannot be said about Bratislava and Fukas Apartments…

So, we arrived in Bratislava an hour earlier than the time specified on the website for the checkin (14:00) and i called the contact person, Jana Antalova, and i asked her where i can safely park the car (from the reviews i have read on the net, i got it that the slovak police are similar to ours, and that they have a hobby for finning tourists, or you can find yourself with a towed car, something i didn’t want to expperience). In a very broken english, she told me that she can arrive only around 15:00 and that i can find parking somewhere in the „Opera” area, but that i will need to take a taxi back to the apartment on Lermontova, or just walk for 20 minutes! I told her that this is not acceptable and that this weren’t the informations that i read on the site, and if i was lied to, i would ask a refund and look for accomodation elsewhere. I heard her talking to someone in slovakian, and then she replied she can come at 14:00, and that indeed i can park at the suit.

Ok… I used the time until her arrival to explore the surroundings, looking for a parking space, free or paid (i didn’t care) as i was informed i would find some in a previous email received from Fukas Apartments: